It's Not Just a Product, It's a Lifestyle!

RB stands for Rio Bless who is the founder of RB’s Herbal Essentials. He developed the company RB’s after being his mother caretaker for 2 years. Leaving everything, RB dropped his music career, quit his job, and left his place of residence to return the love his mother had given him. While caring for his mother, he decided to dedicate all of his time researching herbal remedies and plant base diets for her. Prior to his mother illness RB had studied over 100 plants, but this time he needed to take action. One of his creations was an All Natural Skin Cream which kept his mother skin healthy and glowing despite her Chronic disorders. Others intrigued by the results, began to inquire about the Natural Skin Cream. RB All Natural Skin Cream has now expanded to a variety of All Natural Skin Care Essentials giving others the same results!

Our mission is to enhance healthy skin and life care for individuals and families by creating products from natural resources.

We strive to educate and enlighten individuals about the healing benefits of natural products. Therefore, every product ingredient is thoroughly researched, and every product is made with care to benefit the health of your body & skin.

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